• Dutch income tax return

    The Dutch tax office sends a lot of blue letters in spring. Through this letter you will [...]

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  • A guide to taxes in the Netherlands

    Being an expat (or even a Dutch citizen) in the Netherlands requires you to pay certain taxes [...]

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  • 30 Percent Ruling in the Netherlands

    The 30% ruling (or facility) is a Dutch tax break on earned salary for highly skilled migrants [...]

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    As a non-EU expat in the Netherlands, you will eventually need to open a Dutch bank account to [...]

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  • Getting a Citizen Service Number (BSN) in The Netherlands

    What is a Citizen Service Number (BSN)? In The Netherlands, everyone has a citizen service number (BSN). [...]

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  • Your complete guide to getting a DigiD

    If you are new to the Netherlands perhaps it is a smart choice to start looking into applying [...]

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  • Driving in the Netherlands

    Am I allowed to drive in the Netherlands? If you have a valid driver’s license issued [...]

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