Backoffice & Factoring Services
for Intermediaries


Backoffice and Factoring Services for intermediaries recruiting highly skilled migrants.

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Backoffice Services for Intermediaries

Backoffice and Factoring Services for intermediaries recruiting highly skilled migrants and looking for unburdening in the field of immigration, employership, debtor administration, whether or not in combination with pre-financing of wage costs.

Factoring Services for Intermediaries

Have you recruited a potential highly skilled migrant for a client and do you want to second him?

We offer the solution for you, the candidates and the clients for whom you recruit.

More and more intermediaries choose All About Expats as their backoffice partner for highly skilled migrants.


Our services for intermediaries

When it comes to the immigration of highly skilled migrants, we offer the following services:

  • Support with application for recognised sponsorship IND for employers
  • Taking over the immigration procedure for Highly Skilled Migrants
  • Application 30% facility
  • Arranging municipal registrations
  • Support opening a bank account
  • Assistance with application for the orientation year highly educated persons
  • Including Immigration Support and 30% facility services
    (if applicable).

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Backoffice service provider for intermediaries

All About Expats is a specialized Back-office Service Provider for intermediaries of Highly Skilled Migrants in which All About Expats takes care of all the administrative and legal issues related to being an employer of Highly Skilled Migrants and makes the Highly Skilled Migrant available to the user company on the basis of a secondment agreement.

In addition to the payroll administration, All About Expats also takes care of invoicing, debtor monitoring and pre-financing of wages, payments to the tax authorities for payroll taxes and VAT. The intermediary can therefore focus 100% on his core business and grow unlimited.

Why the Netherlands is attractive to international talent?

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Why All About Exapts

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Extensive national and international network of recruiters
  • CV validation by colleagues with proven experience
  • Immigration support
  • Application 30% facility
  • Payrolling, temporary employment and secondment
  • SNA certified and NBBU membership