Change of employer when your residence permit is still valid

Highly Skilled Migrants are allowed to change employers while their residence permit is till valid. The residence permit continues as long as you fulfil the conditions, even if you change employer or obtain another position.

If you no longer work for the employer or change your position, your employer must pass this information onto the IND. Have you found another job? Then you must inform the IND yourself of your new employer. You must do so within 4 weeks. The IND will then review whether the conditions are still being fulfilled.

When your employer terminates your contract before the end date, the IND gives you 3 months to find a new employer and apply for an extension for your residence permit. If you do not find a job within these 3 months, you must leave the country. You can find more information about your rights as a highly skilled migrant and what you can do in case your company terminates your contract before the end date, and what steps you can take next by clicking on losing your job in the Netherlands.

How about the 30% facility when I switch from employer?

An employee who already has the 30% ruling can switch to a new employer and benefit from the 30%-ruling again (for the time left). The period between the one employment and the other may not exceed three months. A new application for the 30%-ruling is required.

Finding a new employer who is not a recognized sponsor

When you find a new employer and would like to start working with them, they must be a recognized sponsor in the IND. If not, your application for the Highly Skilled Migrant visa will be revoked. But this does not mean that you cannot work for them.
We, All About Expats, are a recognized sponsor at the IND and we can help you work for this company by offering you and your company a secondment solution. This means that you will be on our payroll while being employed by your own company and carry on your daily activities.
You can learn more about this by visiting our payrolling service page, or by contacting us directly via email or phone. You can ask us any questions you have and we will be glad to assist you further.