Which Collective Labour Agreement is applicable?

CLA stands for Collective Labor Agreement. If your employer/hirer pays you through All About Expats, the NBBU Collective labour agreement for temporary workers is applicable on your Dutch employment agreement. More info: www.nbbu.nl

Do I accrue pension during my employment with All About Expats?

Yes, the StiPP pension is applicable to you during your time as an employee paid by All About Expats.  This pension is applied from the age of 21 after 26 weeks of employment. The basic scheme is applicable from the 27th week till the 78th week. After the 78th week the plus scheme is applicable.

Holidays and leave

If you have a full-time contract, you are entitled to 16 2/3 hours of holiday per month. This adds up to 25 holidays per year. If you work less, you receive a proportionate part of this. If you want to go on holiday, you can take the necessary holidays, to the extent that you have accumulated these.

Holiday allowance

According to our collective labour agreement we can use 2 methods:

1. By default: you receive direct payment of 8,33% holiday with every salary payment

2. Optional: In the first week of June, you receive 8,33% holiday allowance.