Dutch health insurance

All Dutch citizens and employees are required to have a health insurance. Foreign nationals moving to the Netherlands must enroll in Dutch health insurance within four months of receiving their residence permit. The health insurance in the Netherlands is often considered to be on the expensive side, amounting to an average of 1500 euros per year per person in 2021. For this reason, if you reside in the Netherlands you may be eligible for a healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag). The monthly premium payment for the Dutch health insurance is partially covered by this benefit.

The “zorgtoeslag” is a scheme put together by the Dutch government in order to help low income families with their healthcare insurance premium.

The healthcare allowance may also be requested by foreign nationals or students who are (temporarily) employed in the Netherlands.


These conditions must be met in order to be entitled for the health insurance allowance:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have a compulsory Dutch health insurance
  • You have an EU nationality or possess a valid residence/work permit
  • Your (combined) income does not exceed the threshold amount (see below)
  • Your combined capital is not too high

Income requirements

Your income will determine whether you are eligible for the healthcare allowance. The income requirement will also vary depending on whether you have a partner who lives in the same household or if you are single.

  • Up to 31.998 euro (for singles)
  • Up to 40.944 euro combined (for you and your spouse/partner)
  • The combined income is applicable when the two of you:
  • Live together with someone in a non-rented house
  • Live together and have a marriage or cohabitation contract

How to apply for the healthcare allowance

You can submit an application for a healthcare benefit through the website of the Dutch tax authority. A DigiD is required for this.

You will be asked some questions about your age, income, and marital status during the application process.

Additionally, you may apply for the “zorgtoeslag” for any prior years (if applicable).

You can inform the tax authority of any changes to your circumstances, like an increase in income, via the website, otherwise if there is any surplus in your healthcare allowance, you will be sent an invoice in order to pay it back to the government.

Does the application for the healthcare allowance have a deadline?

Yes, you have until September of this year to make a request if you want back payments from 2021. The deadline to submit an application for 2022 is September 2022, and so on.