For years, property costs in the Netherlands have been rising to the point that obtaining affordable home in or near large cities has become a big challenge. In reality, during the pandemic, property prices in the Netherlands increased by 7.33 percent in 2020. In the Netherlands, the typical home presently costs €325,834, whereas in Amsterdam, the average property costs €515,289.

There are several things to consider before transferring to a city in the Netherlands, for example the type of housing you are looking for and the location where you are planning to move.

Buying or renting?

Expats are permitted to purchase real estate in the Netherlands. However, they may not be able to get the lowest mortgage rates. Although property prices have risen dramatically in recent years, monthly mortgage payments are often cheaper than rental rates. Renting a home, on the other hand, is less expensive, typically requires less care, and eliminates the need to sell a property if you wish to move again.

Renting if the often opted to option for expats. Renting a house will require less time to make a decision and can be just a transition to find a better location or buy a house.

Housing Types


For individuals seeking privacy, renting an apartment is the best alternative. Professionals or even students may benefit from a self-contained apartment, but cost may be a concern.


Families and people looking to share a home with friends or coworkers can consider renting a house. Expats should read the terms and circumstances of the rental agreement carefully and offer assurances about their capacity to pay.


You may rent a room if you don’t mind sharing with others. Your privacy will be compromised, but your rent will be greatly reduced.

Hotel apartments

There are hotel-like apartments available in the big cities in the Netherlands. This type of apartments is very similar to hotel rooms where you can get room services, frequent cleaning and all the other benefit. However, this option might be considered on the expensive side and is mostly popular with exchange and short-term students.