• The Netherlands in top10 happiest countries in the world

    The Netherlands is the 6th happiest country in the world In the latest World [...]

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  • What’s the secret to the perfect resume?

    We often get asked, "What's the secret to the perfect resume?" This question is especially [...]

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  • The Art of Attracting Recruiters with Keywords

    Ever wonder why recruiters are not reaching out to you on LinkedIn, while your friends are [...]

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  • Dutch Health Insurance: 2024 Deadlines and Changes

    Moving to the Netherlands comes with processes (such as getting health insurance) and deadlines that [...]

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  • Hofbogenpark: A Rotterdam Highline

    The city of Rotterdam is getting its own highline called Hofbogenpark. Comparable to the Chelsea [...]

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  • Dutch Election: Geert Wilders and the PVV Manifesto

    Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom (PVV) won the highest majority of seats in [...]

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  • Valkenburg Christmas Markets: An Expat-Guide to Christmas City 

    The Christmas season in the Netherlands brings along a lot of experiences that can help [...]

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  • Dutch Election: Geert Wilders and the PVV Explained

    The 2023 general election victory for the far-right and populist Party for Freedom (PVV) led [...]

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  • Dutch Elections 2023: Everything Expats Should Know

    Brought on by the abrupt departure of Prime Minister Mark Rutte in July – who [...]

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  • Sinterklaas: Dutch Christmas for Expats

    Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa) is landing in The Netherlands to kick-off the Christmas season. For North Americans, [...]

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  • GLOW Eindhoven: The Light Festival Begins

    GLOW Eindhoven 2023, the biggest light festival in The Netherlands, is approaching.As an expat or international [...]

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  • 30 Percent Ruling: New Changes are Coming

    Changes to the 30 percent ruling for highly skilled migrants in The Netherlands are expected [...]

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  • St. Martin’s Day: Celebrating as an Expat

    As an expat from outside the EU, holiday celebrations can look quite different in The [...]

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  • The IAmExpat Fair: A Day for Expats in The Netherlands

    Dutch life as an expat can be confusing.   Whether you just moved to The Netherlands [...]

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  • The impact of remote work on sustainability

    The Netherlands is embracing a dynamic shift in work culture, entering an era of remote work [...]

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  • Joys of cycling in the Netherlands

    When expats from outside the EU arrive in the Netherlands, they immediately notice the extensive network [...]

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  • Why our services instead of an immigration lawyer

    Looking to hire highly skilled migrants or apply for recognised sponsorship, but worried about the [...]

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  • Discover ice skating in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands is one of the most popular destinations for ice skating in Europe. The country [...]

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  • Public transport prices are set to increase by 2023

    Public transportation tickets will be the next to experience the consequences of the growing rate [...]

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  • Worker shortage worst in Amsterdam

    Businesses trying to hire employees in Amsterdam have a particularly challenging labor market because there are [...]

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