The Dutch Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB) ensures that you as the employee also benefit from working through a payroll agreement. A payroll employee has exactly the same legal position as the employees who are employed by the hiring company themselves.

You are, among other things, entitled to the same contract types and terms of employment. This means, for example, that as a payroll employee you can be deployed for a maximum of 3 years on the basis of fixed time employment agreements. Do colleagues who are directly on the client’s payroll receive bonuses or extra vacation days? Then you are also entitled to these rewards and employment conditions.

  • You are recruited as a highly skilled migrant by the hiring company.

  • You agree with the hiring company on the terms and conditions for your employment (salary, scope of work, etc.).

  • You will receive your work instructions from the hiring company.
  • All About Expats becomes your legal employer.

  • All About Expats pays your wages and the mandatory employer’s contributions.