As a recognised sponsors of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (‘IND’) a company is allowed to hire highly skilled migrants. In addition, the IND uses a shorter decision period for permit applications submitted by a recognised sponsor. The process of becoming a recognised sponsor is complicated, costly and takes a significant amount of time and effort.

Fortunately, All About Expats is an expert in the expat field and is a recognised IND sponsor. Every year, many employers, intermediaries and recruitment agencies use our services to hire knowledge migrants. This means they no longer need to be concerned about being an IND sponsor or any of the associated obligations and administrative duties. They can already start working with their hired highly skilled migrants immediately while we take care of the administrative matters.

All companies that are recognised sponsors of the IND are included in the Public Register Recognised Sponsors.

All About Expat is adept at handling the application process to become a recognised sponsor. We advise companies on the feasibility of obtaining the sponsorship based on the information you have available as a company. In addition, we can take care of the entire application on your behalf. Also we can take over your immigration process with sending in your highly skilled migrant applications to the IND with our Immigration Service for employers.