Non-EU students who have just graduated and have not yet found a job as a highly skilled migrant can use an orientation year permit. During the year in which this is valid, they are free to work for any employer in the Netherlands, you do not yet have to be a recognized sponsor. An additional advantage for you as an employer is that a reduced salary criterion applies for this specific group of highly skilled migrants.

If you wish to continue employing this employee, you should apply for a highly skilled migrant permit for the employee before the orientation year permit expires. This is only possible if you are an IND approved sponsor when you submit the application.

You are not (yet) an IND recognized sponsor?
We can support you (possibly on a temporary basis) by fulfilling the role of recognized sponsor on your behalf based on our payroll construction.

Video: Promotional video about the orientation year for highly educated persons

A Video of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)