Is your (future) employer not a recognised sponsor of the IND? Then you cannot work for this employer directly. You run the risk of withdrawal of your residence permit, whether or not accompanied by a residence gap.

Your employer must be a recognised sponsor to hire you, for this they can file an application at the IND. Luckily, our payrolling service can provide a solution during the application time.

We can help you with a successful immigration to the Netherlands by:

  • Giving advice about the highly skilled migrant scheme;

  • Arranging everything related to your immigration and (if applicable) and that of your family members;

  • Offering step-by-step guidance with the admission and residence), and (if needed) the MVV (Provisional Residence Permit) application;

  • Providing assistance with the legalization of required deeds;

  • Making appointments at the embassies for the MVV collection;

  • Making agreements with municipalities for registration;

  • Arranging the application for the 30% facility;

  • Offering (temporary) payroll services in the event that your (future) employer is not (yet) a recognised sponsor of the IND.