• Can I get child benefit?

    If you have children under 18, the government will help you with the costs of bringing [...]

    1 min read
  • How do I obtain a Residence permit for a child that is born in the Netherlands?

    If your child is born in the Netherlands, he/she does not get Dutch citizenship automatically. According [...]

    1 min read
  • What do I have to do in case of pregnancy and maternity?

    After giving birth to a child the following steps need to be taken: Reporting the birth [...]

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  • I am a Highly Skilled Migrant. Are my partner and/or my children allowed to work?

    Yes, Partners and children of highly skilled migrants will also be allowed to work in the [...]

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  • Legalizing Documents, how does this work?

    Legalisation makes documents suitable for use in another country. To legalise a document, the competent authorities [...]

    1 min read
  • Is registration of my family members at the municipality required?

    For registration in the BRP the birth certificates of the family members will also be required. [...]

    1 min read
  • I am planning to bring in my family members, how does this work?

    If you plan to bring your family, you must also apply for a MVV (Entry [...]

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