If you are new to the Netherlands perhaps it is a smart choice to start looking into applying for a DigiD, the process may feel taunting at first but once you read this simple guide to getting a DigiD things will prove to be simpler than anticipated. But first, lets look at what A digiD is and why its so beneficial for the average person residing in the Netherlands:

What is a DigiD

DigiD which is short for digital identification is a web-based identification avenue which can be utilised for websites and service providers relating to the Dutch governmental agencies. The DigiD serves as a digital passport, and it is tied to your BSN.

What are the benefits of having a DigiD in the Netherlands?

To start off, students require DigiD to use studielink, as well as to register or deregister their address at the municipality. Further, if you are thinking about working in the Netherlands it is best to acquire a DigiD as your work place may ask for it, and due to the fact that it serves for a variety of allowances and aids in doing taxation.

Steps to acquiring a DigiD

The application processes for a DigiD is simple, however time consuming. To start the application process, go to the DigiD website and switch your preferred language to English, then press the “apply for activate” tab.

The processes begins with you filling out your BSN number, respective DOB, postal code and other required information. Once the form is filled out, you can now use text authentication as its preferable for making the application processes easier. This allows you to crate your DigiD username and password. Usernames are case sensitive and do not allow for the use of “space”. Then, type in your password, then type it in again in order to confirm it. Note: if you do find yourself in situation where you forgot your password, you may easily recover it through a text message or email. Once these steps are done you are close to acquiring your DigiD.

In order to have a security validation for your DigiD. A code is sent to your phone which you need to insert, and then continue on to the next page. In this manner you are done applying for a DigiD.

DigiD authentication code

It may appear as the steps to acquiring your DigiD are over, however this is only partially true. The waiting game begins here whereby you are required to wait an average of five working days or longer in order to receive another code for you to enter. This code should not take more than twenty days as after that it expires. Once you have received the code in the mail, put the DigiD activation code that has been sent to you by letter in the dedicated area on the website. You can then click activate and with that you would have finally acquired your DigiD and are ready to reap all the benefits that come with having one.