GLOW Eindhoven 2023, the biggest light festival in The Netherlands, is approaching.

As an expat or international student, GLOW Eindhoven can be a fantastic opportunity to discover another Dutch city while experiencing a festival unique to The Netherlands.

Taking place from November 11th to November 18th, GLOW is now one of the top five most visited light festivals around the world.

About GLOW Eindhoven

Since 2006, every November GLOW Eindhoven has been attracting local and international visitors for a visually immersive festival.

The free festival is organized as a large exhibition route throughout public spaces in Eindhoven.

Meaning, that attendees visiting Eindhoven for GLOW, admire installations while walking down varying routes in the city and consequently get a taste for what Eindhoven has to offer.

In prior years, locations featuring the art for GLOW included Eindhoven Airport, Centre, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, and more.

Light Installations at GLOW

The installations at GLOW Eindhoven are created by artists, web designers, engineers, architects, or other professionals exploring light concepts and techniques.

Using new media technology, the work featured at the festival takes many forms. The light art ranges from projections, animations, activated sensor light displays, 3D motion effects, and soundscapes using light.

Every year, GLOW Eindhoven aims to push the boundaries and blur the line between design, art, and technology with light.

In prior years, the festival has featured work of about 30 light artists from The Netherlands and abroad.

GLOW Eindhoven 2023

This year’s festival theme is “The Beat.” Visitors can expect installations exploring the connection of light to the rhythms that shape human existence.

According to GLOW Eindhoven, “The Beat” encompasses the rhythm of cities, the pulse of people around us, the buzz of interaction, and the beat of everyday life.

The installations center on the overarching concept of “beat.” Whether it is “beat” as pulse, rhythm, reverberation, frequency, or heartbeat, light remains the lead form exploring the theme.

In total, the 2023 edition of GLOW features 24 light art installations by national and international artists.

Light Festival Lineup

The artwork in this year’s lineup include installations like “Evolution of Life” which brings the beat of Mother Nature to life.

Spectators are immersed in nature-themed projections synchronized with soundscapes transporting you to the great outdoors and connecting you to the world.

Other installations push philosophical themes. For example, the audiovisual installation “Where Are We Going?” evokes a sense of contemplation.

GLOW Eindhoven explains, “Where Are We Going?” uses light and audio to present questions around choices, awareness, direction, and how technology shapes the answers to these questions.

Lighthearted and interactive art include installations like “Grand Mix.” By projecting historical faces on Wilhelminaplein, “Grand Mix” is bringing art to life.

The installation, in keeping with the theme, will have these historical figures singing pop, hip hop, and rock hits. “Grand Mix” creators hope viewers sing along while enjoying the sound and light show.

You can see the full lineup for 2023 here 

GLOW Eindhoven Route & More

GLOW runs from 11 to 18 of November from 6:30PM to 11:00PM and is free to attend.

Once in Eindhoven you can follow the GLOW route, which can be found here. The five kilometer route keeps you moving through the city while ensuring you will see all the light art.

If you are an expat, international student, or new to The Netherlands or Eindhoven, GLOW has guided private tours. Learn more about these private tours here.

Eindhoven 247 also runs guided tours starting from the Tourist Information center and cost € 15.00. The only downside is these tours are run in Dutch.

Final Thoughts

If you have never experienced GLOW, are new to The Netherlands, or have never heard of the festival within your expat community, now is the time to mark your calendars.

This unique light festival grows every year and has attracted over 750,000 visitors in prior years.

All About Expats aims to bring awareness to events unique to Dutch cities (such as GLOW Eindhoven). By doing so, we hope expats, highly skilled migrants, and international students can discover everything The Netherlands has to offer.

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