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Do I need health insurance?

Every person who lives or works in the Netherlands is legally obliged to take out standard health insurance to cover the cost of, for example, consulting a general practitioner, hospital treatment and prescription medication. You may also opt to take out additional insurance to cover costs not included in the standard package.

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What are the costs?

You pay a fixed, nominal premium to your insurance company for the basic health insurance package. The monthly premium for the mandatory health insurance is approximately € 95 – € 135 (2020) depending on your choices.

Besides the monthly premium there is a mandatory policy own risk excess. The policy excess concerns healthcare costs that are not reimbursed. The government determined the excess for 2020 to be € 385,-. Medical costs that exceed this sum and which are covered by your health insurance will be paid by the insurer.

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What about my family?

Your family is not covered through All About Expats under the collective health insurance policy but you can register your partner and children on a different policy.

Please notice: children under the age of 18 must have health insurance but do not pay premiums for the basic package. Parents must register their child with an insurance company within four months of birth.

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