Dutch life as an expat can be confusing.  

Whether you just moved to The Netherlands for school, are on your Orientation Year Visa, or are here on a Highly Skilled Migrant Visa, there is so much you need to know. But who do you ask? Enter the IAmExpat Fair 

This one-day event aims to connect the ever-growing expat community with available resources and provide answers to frequent questions many internationals have. The event is also a great opportunity to meet other expats while growing your professional network.  

About the IAmExpat Fair 

Taking place Nov. 4th at the Grote Kerk in The Hague, the IAmExpat Fair will connect internationals from all over The Netherlands with businesses, service providers, agencies, and legal resources tailored to the needs of expats.   

This free event is an amazing opportunity for expats to get professional advice, ask questions, meet other internationals, and more importantly get familiar with available resources that can help make the expat experience less complicated.  

As an expat, understanding and navigating the intricacies of housing, career, healthcare, IND issues, can be daunting. That is why many of the stands at the event will be recruiters that work with highly skilled migrants; are expat-focused academic orientation services; and are housing or rental agencies with experience helping internationals find a home. 

According to IAmExpat, this year the IAm Expat Fair will feature more exhibitors than ever before…giving new arrivals and long-term residents the chance to have all their questions answered.”  

Expat-Focused Workshops & More

The day will also include workshops aimed at highlighting resources and offering answers to commonly asked questions.  

 Workshops will run from 10AM to 4PM and include the following topics (to name a few):  

  • How to Get a Job in The Netherlands  
  • Expat Guide to the Dutch Housing Market 
  • Buying or Renting in The Netherlands  
  • Investing with ABN 
  • Starting a Business as an Expat

The annual event brings together over 400 businesses and over 24.000 expats, making it the biggest event for internationals in The Netherlands.

For IAmExpat, the event is meant to be “everything internationals need, in one location, on one day.”   

 The event, now in its 13th year, will run from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday. Online registration for both the IAmExpat Fair and the workshops are open now 

Expat Support Now  

Are you unable to attend the IAmExpat Fair but have questions and need some guidance? We can help. 

Here at All About Expats we understand how tricky it is to find available resources as an expat. More importantly, we are aware of how time-sensitive and frustratingly difficult it is to find answers to expat-related immigration and career questions.  

 Whether you are a student, on your orientation year visa, or are currently a Highly Skilled Migrant, our one-on-one consultations provide you with answers, available options, resources, and actionable next steps.  Our goal is to be the one-stop resource and partner for international students and expats looking to work and settle in The Netherlands.

If you are an expat with questions that need answers now, please contact us.