Immigration Support for Highly Skilled Migrants


Assistance with the immigration process and/or application of the recognized sponsorship for your employer.

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Assistance with immigration issues

Are you working as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands or are you going to work as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands and is your employer looking for advice or administrative support regarding the immigration procedure?

Application recognised sponsorship

Is your (future) employer not a recognised sponsor of the IND? Then you cannot work for this employer. You run the risk of withdrawing your residence permit, whether or not accompanied by a residence gap. Your employer must apply for recognized sponsorship and payrolling can provide a solution during the application time.

All About Expats can assist you and your employer with the immigration process and the application of the recognised sponsorship around highly skilled migrants.


Conditions Highly Skilled Migrants

If you want to stay in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your (future) employer is  a recognised sponsor of the IND.

  • You have a valid travel document (for example a passport).

  • You are not a risk to public order or national security.

  • You are prepared to undergo a tuberculosis test upon arrival in the Netherlands. Certain nationalities are exempt from this requirement.

  • You earn a competitive salary.

  • You earn at least a monthly gross income that meets the highly skilled migrant criteria.

  • To be able to work in Dutch healthcare, you must be registered in the so-called BIG register. The provision of care by individual practitioners is regulated in the Individual Healthcare Professions Act (BIG). Upon admission to the BIG register, you able to use your legally protected professional title.

Immigration process for Highly Skilled Migrants who wants to work in the Netherlands

Immigration process

Immigration Support
All About Expats

We can help you with a successful immigration to the Netherlands in the following ways.

  • Advice about the highly skilled migrant regulation;

  • We arrange everything related to the immigration of you and if applicable your family members;
  • Step by step guidance at the TeV (Admission and Residence) and MVV (Provisional Residence Permit) application;

  • We provide legalization advice for the required deeds;

  • We make appointments at the embassies for the visa collection;

  • We make agreements with municipalities for registration;

  • Taking care of (work) and residence permit family members;

  • We apply for the 30% facility;

  • We offer (temporary) payroll services in the event that your (future) employer is not (yet) an recognised sponsor of the IND.

Are you a highly skilled migrant and are you looking for administrative
support in the immigration process?

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Why All About Expats

  • Recognised sponsorship of the IND

  • More than 20 years of experience

  • Fixed contact person

  • Personal approach

  • Temporary payroll solutions possible

  • SNA-certified and member of the NBBU

Additional Payroll Solution

Employer not a recognized sponsor?

No worries, through our payroll solution you can still work for your employer on the basis of secondment.

You will then be employed by us and will be made available to the employer on the basis of secondment, who in this case enters into a so-called hiring assignment with us.

We are a recognised sponsor

We are a recognized sponsor of the IND and are also a NBBU member and SNA certified. All About Expats has more than 20 years of experience in seconding employees to various clients.

Accelerated admission procedure

Because we are a recognised sponsor of the IND, we can make use of an accelerated admission procedure free of charge.

This allows you to get started in the Netherlands in no time. We arrange the entire admission process from A to Z. You do not have to worry about the conditions, laws and regulations and the associated documentation and administration.

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Services for Highly Skilled Migrants

In addition to support in the immigration process and application for recognised sponsorship of the IND, we also offer the following services for highly skilled migrants.

Knowledge Centre and Downloads

The knowledge center on this website contains tips and important information for highly skilled migrants and for employers who work or want to work with highly skilled migrants.

The Downloads page contains important documents that you as an highly skilled migrant can download.