Immigration Process Highly Skilled Migrants


Step-by-step immigration guide for Highly Skilled Migrants

Download the infographic Step-by-step guide for Highly Skilled Migrants in PDF

All About Expats

Negotiate Job Details

Agree with user company / intermediairy.


Register Online

Provide All About Expats all the necessary information through an online registration form.

Sign Employment Contract

Highly skilled migrant enters into an employment contract with All About Expats.

Submit Application

All About Expats submits the application for a residence permit with the IND and starts monitoring the process.

Waiting for Approval

IND starts the procedure, checks the application and makes a decision.

After Approval

  • Regular Provisional residence permit (MVV) required: Collect the MVV at a Dutch embassy before traveling to the Netherlands.

  • Regular Provisional residence permit (MVV) not required: Travel to the Netherlands without any extra steps.

Welcome to the Netherlands

Jump on a plane and travel to our great country.


A. Highly skilled migrant registers at the council office or expat desk in the city of residence. Housing is usually already arranged by the user company / intermediary.

B. Collect the residence card or endorsement sticker at the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND) or the nearest Expats desk.

Start working

Now it’s time to work and enjoy our beautiful country. Feel at home and experience all the beautiful things and people we have here.

Additional Arrangements

After step 8, approximately 5 working days later, the Citizen Service Number (BSN) will arrive.

Now it is possible to:

  • Request the 30% facility
  • Arrange healthcare insurance
  • Open a Dutch bank account
  • Apply for child benefits