Payrolling & Immigration Services for Highly Skilled Migrants

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What is payrolling?

Payrolling as a service, originated in the United States in the 1960s with the first wave of labour migrants. Payrolling was first introduced in the Netherlands in the 1990s. Payrolling is a specialized form of HR services.

With payrolling, a payroll organization makes employees available to a client, also known as a hiring or user company, to work under its management and supervision. Clients are responsible for recruitment and selection. The payroll organization is responsible for legal employment. This includes administrative and financial obligations. The payroll company makes employees available exclusively and often for a longer period to the client.

We are experts in payroll solutions for you and for your employer.

We cut out all the hassle of the complicated Dutch employment rules and regulations.

Are/do you…

  • recruited by a company in the Netherlands which is not able to hire an employee from abroad?
  • want to work in the Netherlands for a company which is not registered in the Netherlands?
  • at the end of an orientation year?

All About Expats…

offers the solution for you and the company you want to work for.
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What can we do for you?

All About Expats can take over the following tasks:

  • Your immigration procedure and, if applicable, your family’s
  • Employment contracts
  • Payments of wages
  • Guidance and payment during illness
  • Annual statements
  • HR administration
  • Pension accrual
  • Dismissal procedures
  • Processing CAO and legislative changes

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Additional Services

30% Facility

Want to know more about the Dutch 30% facility or do you want a net calculation?

IBAN Services

We can help you opening a bank account in the Netherlands.

Health Insurance

We can help you obtain health insurance in the Netherlands.

Why All About Expats?

While using our Payrolling & Immigration service, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the legal and administrative tasks regarding immigration and human resources. We have extensive experience and knowledge regarding labour and immigration law, payroll management and related human resource issues.

All About Expats is fully certified: SNA, NEN 4400-1 and member of the ABU.

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