• Highly Skilled Migrants in the Netherlands

    What is a Highly Skilled Migrant in the Netherlands? The highly skilled migrant ruling came into effect [...]

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  • Recognised Sponsor of the IND

    Why recognised sponsorship? When is a recognised sponsorship not necessary? What are the costs [...]

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  • The IND

    About the IND IND stands for Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service, which is a branch [...]

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  • Family Immigration to the Netherlands

    Table of contents I am planning to bring my family member, how does this work? [...]

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  • Ukraine refugee guide

    A comprehensive guide for refugees from Ukraine Ukrainians protected under the Council's Temporary Protection Directive [...]

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  • Brexit

    Brexit is an acronym for two English words: 'Britain' and 'exit,' and it refers to [...]

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  • Association law and Turkish nationals

    Living in the Netherlands for Turkish citizens Oftentimes, more flexible conditions apply in order [...]

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