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IND Sponsorship

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Now every organization can hire highly skilled migrants.

Now every organization can hire highly skilled migrants.

We help you start working in no time

Did you find your dream job in the Netherlands but have a non-EU/EEA nationality? Then you will need a work permit in order to work legally in the Netherlands. All About Expats can help you make this process easy for you and your employer as the hiring company.

If you want to work for a company that is not (yet) a recognised sponsor of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) All About Expats can help by taking over the sponsorship. Hiring companies can utilize our payrolling and immigration services by (temporary) outsourcing the employership and sponsorship to us.

This allows you to start your new job carefree and quickly.

How our IND sponsorship service works

You will be employed by All About Expats as an employee, thus fulfilling at the same time the role of recognised sponsorship of the IND. For the duration of the assignment as agreed with the hiring company, you will be seconded exclusively to them.

We will take care of all employer-related matters, the permit application, immigration and settling in the Netherlands and, if applicable the application of the 30% ruling.

Our sponsorship service includes

immigration and settling in

Immigration and settling in

recognized sponsorship

Recognised sponsorship

30 facility application

30% facility application

(if applicable)

Sponsorship service

Immigration and settling in

Do you want to work as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands? Or are you currently a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands and you found a new job?
We often find that employers are unfamiliar with the requirements to work with non-EU employees and therefore are restricted from employing you due to unawareness.

This is where we can help.

By using our IND sponsorship service on the basis of a payrolling construction, we take over the complete immigration procedure. We offer comprehensive unburdening of all legal matters, support you with the settling in and if needed your family members as well.

What is included:

  • Taking over the immigration procedure and handling the permit application.

  • Taking over the immigration procedure for family members and handling the permit application(s) (if applicable).

  • Knowledge partner for consultancy about all relevant IND matters.

  • Transfer of sponsorship.

  • Arranging municipal registrations.

  • Support with opening a bank account.
  • Support with applying for an orientation year highly educated people.

More about immigration and setting in

Highly Skilled Migrant scheme 20242024-03-21T13:05:39+00:00

The Netherlands has a scheme specifically for highly skilled migrant. The scheme makes it easier and faster for companies to bring in highly skilled migrants from outside the Euro zone.

In a nutshell the highly skilled migrant scheme facilitates the admission requirements and time for highly skilled migrants and their employers. Not every company can make use of the highly skilled migrant scheme and not every migrant from outside the EU is eligible either. There are various conditions for the employer and requirements for the highly skilled migrant.

The conditions for this scheme are:

  • The employer is a recognised sponsor of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

  • The highly skilled migrant has a signed employment contract with a minimum of three months with a Dutch employer.

  • The employer pays at least the minimum wage for a highly skilled migrant.

  • The highly skilled migrant must be paid with market-level wages.

  • The highly skilled migrant has a valid passport, a Dutch healthcare insurance, and does not pose a threat to the national security.

Income norm for hiring a highly skilled migrant

One of the requirements for hiring a highly skilled migrant is an income norm. These are gross monthly salaries and vary by category.

For 2024, the minimum for highly skilled migrant has been set at:

Age/CategorySalary *
Reduced salary criterion€ 2,801
Under 30 years of age€ 3,909
30 years of age or older€ 5,331

* Excl. 8% holiday allowance

The IND will also check:

  • If the highly skilled migrant has skills and experience that are relatively scarce in the Netherlands;
  • If the highly skilled migrant has a higher educational level (Bachelor minimum);
  • If the highly skilled migrant has a specialization (for example in IT, engineering or science).

Permit handling and related services2024-03-21T12:27:25+00:00

Is your (future) employer not a recognised sponsor of the IND? Then you cannot work for this employer directly. You run the risk of withdrawal of your residence permit, whether or not accompanied by a residence gap.

Your employer must be a recognised sponsor to hire you, for this they can file an application at the IND. Luckily, our payrolling service can provide a solution during the application time.

We can help you with a successful immigration to the Netherlands by:

  • Giving advice about the highly skilled migrant scheme;

  • Arranging everything related to your immigration and (if applicable) and that of your family members;

  • Offering step-by-step guidance with the admission and residence), and (if needed) the MVV (Provisional Residence Permit) application;

  • Providing assistance with the legalization of required deeds;

  • Making appointments at the embassies for the MVV collection;

  • Making agreements with municipalities for registration;

  • Arranging the application for the 30% facility;

  • Offering (temporary) payroll services in the event that your (future) employer is not (yet) a recognised sponsor of the IND.

Family immigration2024-03-21T14:51:09+00:00

Did you come to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant? And do you want to bring your partner and children to the Netherlands?
Your partner and children are allowed to stay in the Netherlands on the basis of a permit to stay with a family member.

We can help your family with a successful immigration to the Netherlands by taking care of the permit application(s) and collection collecting the required documents needed for a smooth process.

You need a permit to work legally in the Netherlands?

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Sponsorship service

Recognised sponsorship

For a highly educated person, the most popular type of visa for working in the Netherlands is the highly skilled migrant permit. In order to obtain this permit, your employer has to be an IND Recognised Sponsor.

If your employer is not (yet) a recognised sponsor or if your employer does not (yet) have a physical establishment in the Netherlands, then outsourcing the recognised sponsorship to All About Expats can offer a solution for you and your employer.

What is included:

  • A quick solution if the hiring company is not (yet) a recognised sponsor;
  • Legal employership outsourced on the basis of exclusive secondment;

  • HR and payroll administration;

  • Collective health insurance;

  • An adequate pension scheme.

recognised sponsorship service

More about recognised sponsorship

What is payrolling?2024-03-21T15:21:29+00:00

With payrolling a hiring company outsources the employment to a payrolling company. In this construction the payroll company becomes the legal employer and the hiring company the material employer.

The payroll company seconds the employee exclusively to the hiring company, where the daily guidance and supervision is given by them. Therefore, it seems like you are employed by the hiring company themselves.

What is a payroll agreement?2024-03-21T15:20:07+00:00

A Payroll agreement is basically an employment agreement. Unlike a regular employment agreement, the details of the hiring company are included in the contract.

This guarantees that you have the same employment conditions as employees directly in paid employment at your hiring company and lets you work exclusively for this hiring company.

Is All About Expats an umbrella company?2024-03-21T14:32:03+00:00

Yes and no.

An umbrella company is a term mostly used by recruiters and freelancers in the United Kingdom. An umbrella company serves as an ‘employer’ to contractors by providing the intermediary services between a recruitment agency or end client and the contractor who will be conducting the work. The umbrella company provides payrolling and invoicing services to freelancers.

What makes All About Expats different?

For highly skilled migrants All About Expats doesn’t offer umbrella services. Although All About Expats offers similar services, it is technically not an umbrella company. Umbrella services are companies that in almost all cases act as an intermediary that mainly regulates the invoicing and compensation of billable hours. In the Netherlands this service is called Freelance Payroll. By default, the wage payment obligation is excluded here, which means that if no hours are invoiced, no salary payment will take place.

All About Expats is of the opinion that the regulations concerning highly skilled migrants and the services offered by traditional Umbrella Companies do not go together. Excluding the obligation to continue paying wages jeopardizes a current residence permit and will stand in the way of the application for a new residence permit. After all, there is a wage standard that must at least be achieved during the term of the employment contract.

All About Expats only works on the basis of fixed term agreements where wages are guaranteed during an assignment. This means that during the hiring assignment in the event of illness, public holidays and regular holidays, at least the standard wage will be paid on. With an umbrella company there is a risk that these hours will not be continued or paid at a lower value. This can have negative consequences for the right of residence of a highly skilled migrant and for the 30% ruling.

Learn more about umbrella services and the services we offer.

How does payrolling for you as an employee work?2024-03-21T14:54:12+00:00

The Dutch Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB) ensures that you as the employee also benefit from working through a payroll agreement. A payroll employee has exactly the same legal position as the employees who are employed by the hiring company themselves.

You are, among other things, entitled to the same contract types and terms of employment. This means, for example, that as a payroll employee you can be deployed for a maximum of 3 years on the basis of fixed time employment agreements. Do colleagues who are directly on the client’s payroll receive bonuses or extra vacation days? Then you are also entitled to these rewards and employment conditions.

  • You are recruited as a highly skilled migrant by the hiring company.

  • You agree with the hiring company on the terms and conditions for your employment (salary, scope of work, etc.).

  • You will receive your work instructions from the hiring company.
  • All About Expats becomes your legal employer.

  • All About Expats pays your wages and the mandatory employer’s contributions.

200+ employers have already selected us as their HR partner for highly skilled migrants.

Sponsorship service

Applying for the 30% facility at the Tax Authorities

The 30% facility is a Dutch tax facility aimed at attracting foreign employees with a specific expertise to work in the Netherlands. If you come to work in the Netherlands, you are possibly confronted with extra costs for relocating, the so-called extraterritorial costs.

By default, All About Expats will take care of the 30% facility application as part of our IND Sponsorship services. After approval by the Tax Authorities, All About Expats can exchange up to a maximum of 30% of your salary tax-free.

What is included:

  • We apply for the 30% facility on behalf of the hiring company.

  • We work exclusively with our partner and can therefore process your application in a very efficient manner and minimize lead times as much as possible.

Contact us and ask about our efficient way of applying for the 30% facility.

Please note: if you use our IND sponsorship services, we will automatically provide the 30% facility service if you are employed via All About Expats. However, we do not offer the 30% ruling as a stand-alone service.

sponsorship service - 30% ruling

More about the 30% facility

Conditions for the 30% facility for highly skilled migrants2024-03-21T14:36:51+00:00

You must meet these conditions to be eligible for the 30% facility:

  • You were recruited or transferred from abroad and you have lived more than 150 km from the Dutch border for more than 16 months out of a total of 24 months prior to working in the Netherlands.

  • You work for a company that is based in the Netherlands.

  • You have a specific expertise, this is when an employee’s annually income is above the yearly minimum threshold set by the tax authorities.

  • You and your employer have a written agreement that the 30% facility applies to your circumstance.

When do I have a specific expertise in 2023?


You have that expertise if your salary, not including the tax-free allowance in the Netherlands, is more than: € 41,954 in 2023.

You are younger than 30, and you have a Dutch academic master’s degree.

Or have you obtained an equivalent title in another country? Then you have a specific expertise if your salary, not including the tax-free allowance in the Netherlands, is more than: € 31,891 in 2023.

Do you conduct scientific research?

And do you conduct that research at a designated research facility? Or are you a doctor training to be a specialist? In that case, you can always make use of the 30% facility. The amount of your salary is not important.

Duration of the 30% facility2024-03-21T14:43:15+00:00

As of January 1, 2019, the maximum term of the 30% ruling is five years, rather than eight years.
The Government has chosen to incorporate a two-year transition period for employees affected by this cut.

Why All About Expats

More and more employers and highly skilled migrants choose All About Expats as their HR partner for highly skilled migrants.

We as a company consider practicing good employership, being knowledgeable and upholding high standards and quality as important.

With this, we offer complete unburdening in all areas. Our comprehensive package for highly skilled migrants includes continuous support in all fields to keep your mind at ease while we take care of the administrative matters.

Recognised sponsorship IND

Excellent price/quality ratio

Quick and clear communication

20+ years of experience

Continuous support

Fast response time

What highly skilled migrants say about us

“Very responsive and informative”

“We were assisted by Dustin Rameau and Patrick Odijk while waiting for my eventual employer to become a recognised sponsor. Everything went really smoothly, including the transition back to my new employer Harley-Davidson. Dustin and Patrick were both very responsive and informative which helped ease a lot of the anxiety I had with the whole process.”

Nadiah Harris, highly skilled migrant

“Absolute experts in what they do!”

“Patrick and Jill are absolute experts in what they do! They always return any question with a speedy answer. From immigration to payroll to tips on settling and everything in between they can surely help you any step of the way when moving to the Netherlands. Highly recommended!”

Rohan Goddard, highly skilled migrant

“Always helpful”

“Everything went smoothly and they always arranged my visa in a timely manner even though the first time my visa was expiring in 10 days. Patrick took care of my visa application, he managed to apply on time and I didn’t have any residence gaps. Customer service was always helpful and always replied on time to any query.”
Read his case study

Nizar Mekaoui, highly skilled migrant

Want to make use of our Sponsorship services?

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Every organization can employ highly skilled migrants

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