When expats from outside the EU arrive in the Netherlands, they immediately notice the extensive network of cycling roads. Dutch cycling infrastructure is a main example of how this country values sustainable, eco-friendly transportation. To put it into perspective, the Netherlands boasts an impressive 35,000 kilometres of dedicated cycling paths. This comprehensive network of cycling roads is almost unmatched when it comes to complexity and quality of the roads. In this blog, we’ll explore the joys of cycling in the Netherlands, delving into the cultural significance and sustainable aspects that make it an unforgettable experience for expats.

Cycling and Dutch Culture

Cycling is a big part of life in the Netherlands. Dutch people love their bikes and use them not only to go to work but also for fun and exercise.

One aspect that immediately stands out is that when you cycle in Dutch cities, it’s not a stressful rush like in some other places. Dutch cyclists ride with a calm and relaxed pace. It’s not just about getting somewhere; it’s about enjoying the ride. Whether you’re exploring Amsterdam’s lovely canals, riding through cute villages, or finding beautiful spots in the countryside, every bike ride feels like a little adventure.

Additionally, cycling is important for the environment in the Netherlands. It helps reduce pollution by cutting down on carbon emissions, encourages a healthier lifestyle, and eases traffic jams. The Dutch government actively supports cycling by investing in bike-friendly infrastructure, giving tax benefits, and promoting policies that favour cycling. As an expat, choosing to cycle not only helps you fit into Dutch life but also supports the country’s commitment to taking care of the environment. It could also save you a lot of cash if you decide to embed cycling into your daily life. Be it doing your groceries, daily commute to work, going outside with friends, etc.

Sense of adventure

The real joy of cycling in the Netherlands is the sense of freedom it gives you. You can explore parts of the country that are hard to reach by car or public transport. You have the flexibility to stop at a charming café, have a picnic by a peaceful lake, or simply enjoy the view of the iconic windmills. Cycling lets you connect with the Dutch landscape and its people in a way that no other mode of transport can offer.

The most beautiful areas of the Netherlands are not reachable by car, instead they are easily reachable by bike, and are within an hour from major cities. All you have to do is hop on your bike, and head on an adventure to discover beautiful cycling roads in the middle of green fields and rivers.

Finding cycling roads

If you’re new in town and want to go on a beautiful bike ride, check out hollandcyclingroutes.com. This website helps you find the most amazing cycling routes all over the Netherlands. Whether you like calm rides by canals or want to explore the countryside, it gives you all the info you need. You can see how far the trips are and how long they take, so you can plan your adventure depending on your preferences. There are shorts cycling routes for beginners as well as longer more physically demanding cycling routes for more seasoned cycling enthusiasts. So, if you’re excited to explore the Netherlands on your bike, hollandcyclingroutes.com is the perfect guide for you.

If you would like to have an even more laid-back cycling trip that is not physically demanding, you can consider renting an E-bike. There are many bicycle shops that rent E-bikes for an hourly or daily rate. This will allow you to enjoy your long cycling trip without breaking a sweat.

All in all, cycling in the Netherlands isn’t just about transportation; it’s a way to dive into Dutch culture. If you’re an expat, embracing this cycling culture not only makes your daily travel easier but also lets you experience an eco-friendlier and more relaxed lifestyle. So, consider getting a bike, explore the beautiful cycling paths, and enjoy the ride through the Netherlands’ stunning landscapes – it’s an adventure you’ll treasure during your stay in this wonderful country.