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All you should know about working in the Netherlands


Tips, information, downloads and more for highly skilled migrants and organizations that work with highly skilled migrants.

All About Expats

About the Netherlands


Overview of the Netherlands

A visual presentation of the Netherlands.

Education in the Netherlands

The Dutch education system explained.

Healthcare in the Netherlands

Healthcare and health insurance in the Netherlands.

Social Security in the Netherlands

Everything about social security in the Netherlands.

Driving in the Netherlands

Everything about driving in the Netherlands for exapts.

Our services for Highly Skilled Migrants

Our services for highly skilled migrants wo work or want to work in the Netherlands.

Want to know more about our services for highly skilled migrants?


Immigration to the Netherlands

About Highly Skilled Migrants

Working in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant.

Residence Permit and Visa

All about the regular provisional residence permit (MVV) and visa.

Citizen Service Number (BSN)

What is a BSN and how to get a BSN.

Step-by-Step Immigration

A visual guide for highly skilled migrants.

Orientation Year Highly Educated People

Residence permit orientation year for highly educated people.

Family Immigration to the Netherlands

Living with your family in the Netherlands.


For Highly Skilled Migrants


For Employers


For Intermediaries


For Foreign Students

Working in the Netherlands

Recognised Sponsorship

All about recognised sponsorship of the IND.


Payrolling, payroll agreement and benefits.

The 30% Facility

Everything about the 30% ruling.


Download important documents.

Umbrella Services

Everything about Umbrella Services.

Collective Labour Agreement

All about collective labour agreements.

Change of Employer

All about changing employer.

Leaving the Netherlands

Leaving as a highly skilled migrant.

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