Learning Dutch

Adding a language to your repertoire is always useful, especially if you live in the country where they speak the language you’re thinking about learning.
The Netherlands is no different. Even though 90% of the country speaks English, speaking Dutch will allow you to be open to many opportunities during your stay in the Netherlands, like finding friends or getting a job more easily.

Before diving into learning the language, there are a few things you may want to ask yourself. First, how long will my stay be in the Netherlands? If the answer to that question is an undetermined amount of time, then it would be a good idea to learn the language. The longer you plan on staying the more useful it would be to learn the language.

The next question will be what is my purpose of stay? If your purpose is temporary, like being a tourist, or a student who is planning to go back home after their studies, then the answer to that is, learning Dutch is not necessary. English will enough to get around and you will most likely not find any language barriers.

If you purpose of stay is working in the Netherlands, it is advisable to learn Dutch. This will allow you to find even more jobs in the market that require an understanding of the language. Your Dutch colleagues will also appreciate the effort and would be more than happy to practice with you whenever possible.

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