Looking to hire highly skilled migrants or apply for recognised sponsorship, but worried about the high cost and slow process of immigration lawyers?

All About Expats offers the solution you need. Our team of experts have the right qualifications to provide you affordable and efficient assistance with hiring highly skilled migrants. With a proven track record in handling of immigration matters and sponsorship, we can take care of the whole permit application process quickly and with a high success rate.

Our services go beyond what immigration lawyers can offer. We can support your company with gaining the recognised sponsorship which is necessary to hire highly skilled migrants, saving you time and money. And when work permits are required, we can handle all aspects of the highly skilled migrant permit application process, including the immigration, payrolling and applying for the 30% facility, ensuring that your new employee can start working in no time.

At All About Expats, we understand the importance of a speedy and efficient hiring process. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that your experience with us is professional, efficient, and hassle-free. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have, making the process seamless and stress-free for you and your company.

Choose All About Expats for better and quicker results, at a significantly cheaper price than immigration lawyers.
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Why All About Expats

Choose All About Expats for better and quicker results,
at a significantly cheaper price than immigration lawyers.

  • With our service, highly skilled migrants can start working almost immediately by using our payrolling service, unlike immigration lawyers where you have to wait to be recognised as a sponsor.
  • We provide a professional and affordable alternative, compared to immigration lawyers our service includes getting the right information through asking the right questions.
  • We use specialized software for the onboarding of employees as part of the preparation for submitting the application of a highly skilled migrant.
  • We assist in the settling in process of the highly skilled migrant.

Additional services we offer

Additional services we offer that immigration lawyers do not:

  • We handle the entire immigration process for highly skilled migrants and IND applications.
  • We provide support for the immigration of the employee’s family.
  • We assist with arranging municipal registrations.
  • We assist with opening a bank account.
  • Our service includes taking care of the 30% facility application.
  • We provide free consult about all immigration related questions to both the highly skilled migrants and employer.
  • We offer a payroll solution if your organization is not yet a recognised sponsor of the IND or does not have a physical presence (yet) in the Netherlands.

  • The employee can start within 2 to 4 weeks where the employer simultaneously starts the procedure for obtaining the recognised sponsorship.
  • Very affordable services.

Differences between our services compared to immigration lawyers

All About Expats

Immigration lawyer

Gathering the information needed for the application

Filing the highly skilled migrant application

Handling the entire immigration process

Payroll solution in addition to immigration

Assisting with opening a bank account

Applying for the 30% facility

Booking all necessary appointments (IND, Municipality, consulate, bank, etc.)

Consult about immigration matters free of charge

Collecting necessary information from all parties involved separately to increase speed of processing

Employee can already work while the employer is waiting for the decision on the recognised sponsorship application

Choose All About Expats for better and quicker results.