The gross monthly salary threshold for a highly skilled migrant changes every year on January 1.

On January 1st, 2024, the salary criterion increased by 6.45% as compared with the gross monthly salary thresholds of 2023.

For highly skilled migrants already on payroll and for applications filed before January 1st, 2024, the current salary criterion of these highly skilled migrants remains. In other words, if a highly skilled migrant is already employed and has a valid residence permit, it is not necessary to adjust their salary.

Also, if the application is submitted in 2023 (before January 1, 2024), the 2023 salary threshold applies.

Below, we break down the 2024 monthly gross wages for highly skilled migrants, and further details pertinent to employers of highly skilled migrants.

2024 Salary Threshold Highly Skilled Migrants

The highly skilled migrant must meet the following minimum monthly gross income requirements which (as of January 1, 2024) are:

Type of highly skilled migrant (HSM)First residence permit for HSMExtension residence permit HSMWhen changing employer (sponsor)
With reduced salary criterion€ 2,801.00€ 2,801.00€ 2,801.00
Under 30 years old€ 3,909.00€ 3,909.00 *€ 3,909.00
30 years or older€ 5,331.00€ 5,331.00€ 5,331.00

Type of highly skilled migrant (HSM)

First residence permit HSM or extension residence permit HSM / When changing employer (sponsor)

With reduced salary criterion

€ 2,801.00

Under 30 years old

€ 3,909.00 *

30 years or older

€ 5,331.00

* This amount also applies when the HSM has turned 30 years or older. Has the HSM changed employers since the first permit was issued? Then this must have happened when the HSM was still under the age of 30.

Fixed allowances, such as the 13th month payment or a fixed year-end bonus that is contractually agreed, can be included in the gross salary if they are paid to the highly skilled migrant.

The salary thresholds 2024 apply only to applications filed after 31 December 2023.

The following pay elements are not included in the salary criterion:

  • Vacation allowance.
  • The value of payment made in kind.
  • Uncertain, non-regular pay elements (for example overtime allowances, tips and payments from funds).

2023 Salary Threshold

The salary threshold highly skilled migrants was in 2023:

  • Highly skilled migrant with reduced salary criterion: € 2,631.00
  • Highly skilled migrant under 30 years old: € 3,672.00
  • Highly skilled migrant of 30 years or older: € 5,008.00


If you are employing (or would like to employ) highly skilled migrants, it is important to take the salary thresholds for highly skilled migrants into account. This is also the case for the application extension residence permit highly skilled migrant.

If you have any questions as to how these salary thresholds will affect your current highly skilled migrant employees or would like to know more about our services, please contact us.

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