We often get asked, “What’s the secret to the perfect resume?”

This question is especially relevant for expats in the Netherlands, whether they’re new to the job market or have been here for a decade. Moving to a new country and job market can make you doubt your skills.

Here’s the thing: trying to create a resume that impresses everyone is unrealistic.

The real goal is to find a job that fits you perfectly. To get there, you need to know a few tricks to make your resume stand out to the employers who matter most to you.

Highlight relevant experience only

Remember, you have around 15 seconds to make an impression on a recruiter. Therefore, if you possess more than a decade of experience, limit your resume to two pages of relevant experience. For those with less experience, a single page must communicate, “This is the ideal candidate!”.

A long resume of more than 2 pages might seem excessive for recruiters and could make them completely drop the CV or ignore it. Keep in mind that recruiters receive 100 or more CV’s for certain positions. This means that they might skim or completely ignore long, chaotic, or boring resumes.

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Emphasize diverse achievements

You don’t have to be in sales to have achievements. Highlighting your successes, especially those beyond financial gains, can significantly enhance your resume. For instance:

  • Led a project that improved product efficiency by 30%, boosting customer satisfaction by 10%.
  • Implemented a new strategic marketing campaign that increased brand awareness by 50% in targeted markets.

Clearly stating your achievements quantitatively like the examples above will give the recruiter a better understanding on what type of activities you were doing and how valuable you were as an employee to that specific company.

Make a quick impact

The document’s header, which includes the job title, key skills, and your most recent position and company, is the first thing an employer sees. If this information seems unrelated to the job at hand, your resume might quickly be dismissed.

To prevent this, thoroughly review the job listing for role titles and key terms. Adapt your past experiences using similar language found in the job listing. This approach will help keep the employer engaged from the start.

The 15-second rule also applies to the details: don’t make recruiters guess your English level, state it clearly: B2, C1, etc.

We hope these tips assist you in creating a compelling, genuine resume that not only sells your skills effectively but also leads you to an employer who values honesty and transparency as much as you do.

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