Services for Highly Skilled Migrants

Who are currently working in the Netherlands, or would like to work in the Netherlands.


We offer solutions for you and the company you want to work for.

All About Expats

Are you a Highly Skilled Migrant or do you meet the conditions of a Highly Skilled Migrant…

  • who has been hired by a company in the Netherlands that is not (yet) a recognised sponsor of the IND?
  • who wants to work in the Netherlands for a company that is not registered in the Netherlands?
  • and do you want to find a job in the Netherlands?
  • and you want help with the immigration procedure and/or with the application for the 30% Facility?
  • and do you want to work as a Free Agent (Freelancer)?
  • and already working for a company in the Netherlands on the basis of an orientation year permit and will it expire soon?

All About Expats can help you with its services.

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All About Expats cuts out all the hassle of the complicated Dutch employment rules and regulations surrounding labor and immigration for you.

Our services for Highly Skilled Migrants

Immigration Support

Immigration assistance for highly skilled migrants and family members.

Payrolling Services

(Temporarily) outsourcing of employership with highly skilled migrants.

Staffing Solutions

Secondment Solutions and support in finding work in the Netherlands.

30% Facility

We offer support when applying for the 30% Facility.

Freelance Solutions

We offer freelance payrolling (umbrella services) for highly skilled migrants.

Knowledge Centre

Everything you need to know about working in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant.

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Want to know more about working as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands?

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What can we do for you?

All About Expats can take over the following tasks:

  • Your immigration procedure and, if applicable, your family’s
  • Employment contracts
  • Payments of wages
  • Guidance and payment during illness
  • Annual statements
  • HR administration
  • Pension accrual
  • Dismissal procedures
  • Processing CAO and legislative changes

Immigration process for Highly Skilled Migrants who wants to work in the Netherlands

Why All About Expats

  • Recognised Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) sponsorship
  • Faster immigration procedure and faster supply of entry visa
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Extensive network of intermediaries and job brokers
  • Your immigration procedure and, if applicable, your family’s
  • Application 30% facility
  • Payrolling and secondment solutions
  • SNA-certified and member of the NBBU

Working in the Netherlands

Are you a highly skilled migrant and would you like to work in the Netherlands?

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