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We recruit highly skilled migrants and foreign students living within and outside the Netherlands.

All About Expats

Your jobs!

Are you an employer and are you unable to fill one or more open vacancies due to scarcity on the Dutch labor market?

Highly skilled migrants and international students

We recruit both highly skilled migrants and International Students living within and outside the Netherlands

Deployment of highly skilled migrants

Unfilled vacancies entails enormous “opportunity” costs and should be avoided at all times. If you are not afraid of admitting International English-speaking talent to your organization, then a highly skilled migrant might be something for you.

Large network

All About Expats works together with a large network of recruiters who recruit international and national candidates at a global level with various renowned clients throughout the Netherlands.


Do you have any open vacancies that you cannot fill due to scarcity?

Fill in the request for contact or visit our contact page contact page

Do you have any open vacancies that you cannot fill due to scarcity on the Dutch labor market?


Including Immigration Support and 30% facility

Our services include assistance and support in the area of immigration. Both for newcomers and for highly skilled migrants for whom an extension must be requested. In addition, we also request, if possible, the 30% ruling for the candidate.

Are you an employer and …

  • are your vacancies not filled?
  • are you open to international talent?
  • is English spoken within the organization in addition to Dutch?

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Why All About Expats

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Extensive national and international network of recruiters
  • CV validation by colleagues with proven experience
  • Immigration support

  • Payrolling, temporary employment and secondment
  • SNA certification and NBBU membership

Why the Netherlands is attractive to international talent?

Visit our Knowledge Centre for more information about working in the Netherlands.