About the IND

IND stands for Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service, which is a branch of the security and justice ministry. All visa and residence permit applications submitted by foreign people seeking to travel to or remain in the Netherlands or acquire Dutch citizenship are evaluated by the IND.
The majority of the IND’s activity is processing visa and residence permit applications. The IND can assist you if you have been in the Netherlands for a while and want to become a naturalized Dutch citizen with a Dutch passport. The IND takes care of Asylum applications too for people who do not feel safe in their own country and would like too seek refuge in the Netherlands.

In the IND’s website, you can keep track of your own applications, find information about different types of visas and find contact information in case you would like to discuss a more specific matter.
IND’s website has an English version.

IND desk locations

Before heading to an IND desk location, you must always book an appointment via the website. You can book appointments for various reasons: submit an application, obtain a residence endorsement sticker while waiting for a decision from the IND, pick up your residence document, or have your biometric information taken. You can also book an appointment in order to have more in depth and specific information amount questions that you might have. Currently there are 4 active IND locations in the Netherlands:

  • IND desk Amsterdam
  • IND desk Den Bosch
  • IND desk The Hague Rijnstraat
  • IND desk Zwolle

Expat centers

You can book appointments also in expats centers who are similar to IND desks. Expat centers mainly help expat newcomers with their residence permits, taking your biometric data, picking up your residence permit, getting an endorsement sticker, etc.
There are currently 9 active expat centers around the Netherlands:

  • IN Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam Expat Centre
  • The Hague International Centre
  • International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region
  • Holland Expat Center South (Eindhoven)

  • Expat Centre Maastricht Region (ECMR)

  • Expat Centre East Netherlands, location Enschede

  • Expat Center Food Valley (Wageningen)
  • International Welcome Center North (Groningen)

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