The Netherlands has always been an attractive job market for job seekers everywhere. If you’re looking to become an expat living in the Netherlands find out whether your set of skills are demanded in the Dutch job market.

The top booming industries in the Netherlands


Dutch firms of almost all sectors and sizes have difficulty fulfilling their demand of employees of various ICT backgrounds. There is a lack of technology specialists that is intertwined with a strong economy and the current value of the ICT sector. The visible growth in the Dutch economy (post COVID) will create more companies, and an expansion of existing companies which will further expand the need for technologically skilled individuals.


A word used to combine “finance” and “technology”, fintech refers to companies that utilize technology to automate financial services. There is an increase in Fintech start-ups, machine learning and AI companies. This trend will increase the need for fintech workers namely quantitative analysists. The ability for employees to combine financial knowledge with programming languages such as Python, C++ and Java continues to be scarce compared to the demand for these employees in the Netherlands.

Healthcare workers

The Netherlands (like the rest of the world) is currently facing shortages in healthcare workers especially nurses. Because the Netherlands continues to face the problem of an “ageing population”, there is an increased requirement for nurses and caregivers to care for the elderly especially.


It is predicted that the logistics industry in the Netherlands will witness a yearly growth of six percent. This has driven up the demand for logistic workers especially in transport. It is anticipated that every second company has trouble finding drivers to carry out their logistic transportation tasks.


In a state whereby the present level of apprentice and the competent teachers doesn’t adequately substitute the sum of teachers impending retirement age, this has created a shortage of teachers in the Netherlands. Schools are struggling to fill in all teaching positions needed with every old teacher going for retirement.

HBO degrees in Agricultural science

The Netherlands holds a strong agricultural economic climate, as it is one of the world’s main exporters of agro-food harvests. Currently around 135.000 self-employed and around 120.000 employees are working in the agricultural industry in the Netherlands, and the demand for agricultural workers is growing with the growing global demand of agro-food products. A degree in food science technology, agricultural engineering, environmental-studies are currently demanded heavily in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands has an established need for all engineers, as its economy is established on the basis of technological advancements. A study done by a global talent bureau shows that the Netherlands features the second-highest demand for engineers globally, regardless of the engineering background they come from or choose to work in.