• Employer of record

    What is an Employer of Record (EOR)? An Employer of Record is an entity that legally assumes [...]

    2 min read
  • Highly Skilled Migrant Salary Threshold: Wages for 2024

    The gross monthly salary threshold for a highly skilled migrant changes every year on January 1. On [...]

    3 min read
  • Payrolling

    What is payrolling? How does a payroll agreement work? Motives for a company to [...]

    1 min read
  • Umbrella Services

    What is an Umbrella Company? Umbrella Companies are used by recruiters and freelancers in the UK. An [...]

    3 min read
  • Collective Labour Agreement

    Which Collective Labour Agreement is applicable? CLA stands for Collective Labor Agreement. If your employer/hirer pays [...]

    1 min read
  • Highly Skilled Migrant: Switching Employers in The Netherlands

    When you move to the Netherlands for a job, you are usually given a highly skilled migrant [...]

    7 min read
  • Losing your Job in the Netherlands

    Job loss is a reality of professional life, but what happens next doesn't have to come as [...]

    5 min read
  • Leaving the Netherlands

    Do I need to deregister if I am leaving the Netherlands? Before leaving the Netherlands, a number [...]

    1 min read
  • Salary & Pay Slip

    Employees in the Netherlands receive their pay slips on a monthly basis. Pay slips provide information about [...]

    3 min read
  • Work Contracts in the Netherlands

    Working in the Netherlands After succeeding in your job interview, your company will send you an [...]

    4 min read
  • Working hours in the Netherlands

    The Working Hours Act establishes guidelines for employees' working hours, breaks, and rest times. The purpose of [...]

    2 min read
  • The Dutch Pension System

    The Netherlands is one of the greatest countries in the world for retirees, with a strong and [...]

    5 min read
  • Holiday Allowance (vakantiegeld)

    If you are employed in the Netherlands, you are automatically entitled for a holiday allowance which will usually [...]

    2 min read
  • Types of work leave in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands scoring the 1st place worldwide in work-life balance is no surprise if you notice all [...]

    5 min read
  • Starting a business as an expat

    Entrepreneurs who travel to the Netherlands to start a business may apply for an entrepreneur residency permit. Under [...]

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